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Flossing: is it really necessary?

We highly recommend flossing every day but, some people tend to skip it for various reasons. In this post, our Ottawa dentists explain the reasons why flossing is essential for your oral health and why you shouldn't skip it.

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Our Top 5 Tips for At-Home Oral Hygiene

Many people aren't getting the oral hygiene care they require. Today, our Ottawa dentists share 5 tips for improving your oral hygiene routine at home.

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Can Children Get Gum Disease?

Did you know that children can get gum disease just like adults? Here, our Ottawa dentists talk about the causes of gum disease in children and how you can prevent it.

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Bleeding Gums When Brushing: Should I Be Worried?

Bleeding gums can be an indication of various dental health problems. Lots of these issues are serious and need to be addressed immediately. In this blog, our Ottawa dentists explain the causes of bleeding gums, how to prevent them, and what to do if your gums start bleeding.

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Dental Crowns & Bridges for Missing Teeth

Your dentist may suggest getting a dental bridge or crown if you are missing a tooth. In this post, our Ottawa dentists explain the differences between these tooth replacements and what you can expect from them.

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The Most Common Cause of Gum Disease

Gum disease is common among adults in Canada. Most of the time, gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene habits. Today, our Ottawa dentists explain how gum disease can be prevented and treated.

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